What are the risk factors for diabetes 2?

Obesity, family hx. A family history of diabetes is a major risk factor as is obesity, especially when the excess fat is distributed in the upper part of the body (waist rather than hips.) other risk factors include taking steroid medications (like prednisone).
Family history. Obesity, especially abdominal, high triglycerides, low good cholesterol level, and of course, getting older!
Sugars+BodyFat+Genes. For type ii: dietary sugar/cho ?es endocrine system work: ?glp1, ?body response to insulin+amylin, ?ed body fat, ?ed red/endurance muscle mass (low exercise levels), ?insulin+amylin production/release pancreas beta cells >?beta cells failure, ?glucagon & >250 snp genetic variants assoc. With dm are main drivers known to date. Low fat diet drives ?dm. Study: nusi.Org, attia, taubes, lustig fatchance.