How often must I monitor my blood sugar when taking humulin (insulin)?

Varies. How often to check your blood sugar depends on how you are using that information. If you are adjusting your Insulin based on blood sugars, you need to test a minimum of before each meal; you may also need to test after some meals to evaluate the effectiveness of the mealtime doses.

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How does the insulin pump monitor your blood sugar?

Pump gives insulin. The Insulin pump is an electronic device that delivers Insulin at precise rates and times through a tube under the skin. People using Insulin pumps still test their sugar levels by using a glucose monitor, to figure out whether their Insulin pump rates are correct. Medtronic does make a continuous glucose sensor inserted under the skin, that can be used to transmit sugar data to its Insulin pump.
Continuous Glucose M. An Insulin pump such as the minimed pump has an extra feature to monitor blood glucose or you can get a separate Continuous Glucose Monitors called Dexcom. These are useful for diabetics who have unexplained swings in their blood sugars especially when diabetics have hypoglycemia unawareness (unable to feel low blood sugars).

Should a prediabetic use glucose meter to monitor glucose after meals to learn which foods cause hi blood sugar to avoid further insulin resistance?

Maybe but it depends. While your suggestion is not currently part of ada guidelines & recommendations, if it will help you see result of your food choices & help you make better choices, then I think it's reasonable. In truth, your nutritionist can help you develop healthy eating habits w/o using a glucometer. For instance, check out the mediterranean diet. Don't forget to exercise regularly to reduce Insulin resistanc.

His blood sugar is 106, does he need 113 units of humulin (insulin)?

Need more info. This is a complex question, and you need to see your provider, and you would benefit from some intense sessions with a diabetes educator. On the surface, this seems like a lot of insulin. But what kind of humulin? N, r, 70/30? What does the sugar usually run? Is he about to eat? Does he have frequent hypoglycemia? Some people need this much insulin, and you don't want to wait for high glucose.