What's type 1 diabetes like?

Starts early in life. Type 1 starts early in life - kids adapt to illness quicker. Nowadays they have a small electronic tool that helps them deliver the dosage and keep filled with Insulin - I see kids are savy with new equipments and use these like their gaming tools and adapt well. Most of the people with type 1 adapt well to lifestyle requirements. There are famous people with type 1 - like nick jonas (music).
Constant challenge. I have a 14 year old with type one diabetes, and I can say that it is a constant challenge. It fills your thoughts frequently through the day, and doesn't let up. It requires your constant attention, like a crying baby. Then you feel bad often when you don't dose the insulin just right. We are hoping for a cure soon.
Bad. It is a serious life long illness, requiring constant attention to diet and treatment with Insulin injections.