When must I call an endo doctor if my child has type 1 diabetes?

ASAP. The management of type 1 diabetes is complex and requires a team - patient, family, pediatrician, pedi endo, nutritionist, diabetes educator. Keeping things in check will prevent complications.
Now. Once a DX of type 1 diabetes mellitus is made, one has to live with that disorder for life; it is a chronic disease in which there are inadequate or destroyed pancreatic cells leading to insufficient insulin. In addition to a primary care pediatrician, an endocrinologist should be a partner to help child and family understand exactly what is going on and how to get into good life habits early.

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When should I call my doctor if I have type 1 diabetes and am 19, female?

If you are ill. Anytime you are not well or think you might be pregnant you should be able to contact your doctor. Ideally, people with type 1 diabetes, especially if pregnant, should be cared for by physcians and their staff with special training in caring for people with type 1 diabetes. This usually means an endocrinologist/diabetologist.

Type 1 diabetes and pregnancy. Who do I see first--endo or high risk doctor?

High risk then endo. I recommend you see both, first a high risk OB then an endocrinologist.
Both. Both an experienced endocrinologist and a maternal-fetal medicine specialist are essential to achieve good outcomes out of these extremely high-risk pregnancies. Blood sugar lability has the potential for maternal/fetal lethality and must be taken extremely seriously throughout pregnancy! Try and control you blood sugar for at least three months before conception to minimize risks to the fetus.
First available. It doesn't matter who you see first. You need both of them asap. I assume you already have an endocrinologist.

What is it called if I want to become a doctor in a hospital for children? (not surgeon). And if I have type 1 diabetes, can I still be a doctor?

Pediatrician/yes. As above. If you take care of your illness & get through the schoolwork you can take your place alongside pediatricians I know who went through the same thing.