Whats a non-epileptic seizure?

Stress. A nonepileptic seizure is a movement that looks like a seizure, but has no change on the brain wave study (eeg). A combination of various stressors like school, home, etc. Can do this. Many patients will say they don't feel stressed, but this can be something underneath. Some patients can have both epileptic and nonepileptic seizures.
Not epileptic. A non-epileptic seizure (nes) is a behavior that may resemble an epileptic seizure but is not caused by abnormal electrical activity in the brain. May be due to a physiological cause (like heart or metabolic reason, or non-physiological cause. The latter is referred to as a psychogenic non-epileptic seizure. It is important to determine which one it is, as the treatment is different.

Related Questions

Can pain cause my epilepsy seizures worse?

Possible. Anything that causes an increase in stress can lead to an increase possibility of seizure, it is more likely to increase seizures in post traumatic epilepsy but possible in idiopathic epilepsy as well.
Possibly. Any time there is something that stresses the brain, this can exacerbate the seizures and make them more difficult to control. For example, stress from fever, infections, lack of sleep are known to exacerbate seizures. Thus, pain can also do that.

Anyone have seizures but tests for epilepsy show up normal?

Yes. The eeg maybe normal even with clinical seizures. Your neurologist may suggest a prolonged eeg with video monitoring.
Quite common. It is quite common for people who have a small number of seizures to test normally- with respect to blood tests, EEG, MRI of the brain- this happens up to 50% of the time.

Do the types of seizures an epilepsy sufferer commonly change?

Yes. Not rare for seizure types to change over time. Medications may change the experience of seizures. Also age.

Can humidity increase the frequency seizures in people with epilepsy?

Not a trigger. Am unaware that changes in humidity can affect seizure frequency or intensity. However, an infection causing a fever, could make the susceptibility higher if a humid environment worked against lowering the temperature.

How can fast changing colors cause seizures for people with epilepsy?

Possibly. Some people are have photosensitive seizures, caused not necessarily by changing color but the flicker frequency of the changes. This was previously called tv epilepsy, but new screens do not cause this. Consult a neurologist who may suggest medication and a particular frequency of blue sun glasses that makes the likelyhood of seizures less likely. Also avoid flickering lights.

Why out of my whole entire family I'm the one who has epilepsy/seizures?

You're special. Many things can cause seizures. One bump on the head too many can do it. Some families have an inherited tendency to develop Epilepsy. This might not be the case with your's. It is reasonable to ask your doctor why they think you have developed seizures. I'm sure they will give you a good answer.

Could a person with epilepsy experience both absence and convulsive seizures?

Complex partial sz. I think you may be referring to complex partial seizures and those that secondarily generalize. It is very common to have seizures that start in one area of the brain with loss of awareness followed by spreading to involve the whole brain. It is called complex partial epilepsy with secondary generalization. Hope that helps answer your question.

How fast does a strobe have to flash to cause seizures for people with epilepsy?

Mostly at 10 hz. In people who are susceptible to photosensitive seizures only 3%, abnormality on eeg usually appear at 10hz, meaning 10 flashes per second.