What are the treatments for receding gums?

Depends. Their are several causes for gum recession. Occlusion, incorrect brushing, gum disease, etc. See yourbgeneral dentist to determine the cause. Then you can procede after the proper diagnosis.
Peridontal surgery. Receding gums are a key sign indication of impending gum disease. Deep cleanings (root plaining) are often necessary to slow, not stop, the progression. A periodontist is included in this treatment to discuss options for grafting procedures. A gum graft borrows healthy gum tissue to place over a receded area. Properly done, the gums look esthetically perfect but more importantly are protected.
Ortho Evaluation. You may need to have an orthodontic evaluation. It is important to know the cause so the treatment will be successful.
See your dentist. If the gums are just slightly receding having a thorough cleaning and scaling of your teeth will help. If the recession is severe you need to see a periodontist which is a specialist who treats gum disease.