How serious can a tooth abscess become?

Very. Especially if you have things like diabetes or a poor immune system. We worry about bacteria from the tooth abscess getting into the bloodstream and causing worse problems. Please get it checked out!
Very serious. Life threatening, in some cases, if not treated.

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Double tooth abscess treated with antib face neck swelling 3teeth need to be pulled no insurance jst health severe pain and slight swelln returned?

Abscess and swelling. Although on antibiotics, delaying definitive treatment can be dangerous. Check out local dental school(s) to see if you can be seen there, if not contact the local dental society and ask them to recommend a dentist who may do the work for a reduced fee. Not having dental insurance is a poor excuse for postponing treatment. Ask dr. For a cash discount--.Approx cost $500-750. Read more...
Recurrent tooth pain. There is no other option other than the removal of the 3 teeth to give you relief. Without insurance, extraction is the cheapest short term option. You have to have them removed, medicine isn't going to be any type of along or short term answer. Read more...