How are dental x-rays performed for wisdom teeth?

Panoramic; CBCT. Most commonly, a panoramic xray done, which shows entire jaw and all teeth. Commonly, a cone beam CT is also done to help localize nerves and other structures. For best results, see a board certified oral surgeon for exam/treatment.
Dental X-ray. The standard x-ray for wisdom teeth is called a panoramic x-ray. Today, cone beam ct scans are also done in the surgeon's office.
Depends. The most important thing is to be able to see the entire tooth and root on the x-ray. Most oral surgeons prefer a panoramic view taken with a special machine which allows all of the wisdom teeth and associated structures to be viewed on one x-ray.
Midazolam. Pretty standard for IV sedation performed by omfs. They monitor your bp, oxygen. And respiration during surgery.

Related Questions

Help docs! I had my wisdom teeth removed when I was 17, I am 24 now. Will an X-ray show that I had them removed?

Yes. Radiographs will show that there is no tooth in that area of your jaw.
Yes. Yes. Sounds like your are having problems in the area. See an oral surgeon. He/she will examine you, take xrays and determine what the problem is.

Was wondering if I have an X-ray taken tomorrow, will it show I had my wisdom teeth removed 7 years ago?

Yes, in part. If you have dental x-rays taken, they will show that you do not have wisdom teeth. However, they will not show when they were removed.

My wisdom teeth weren't detected on X-ray last yr. Now there are hard lumps/swelling where they should be and I have tmj/sinus issues. Could it be?

Could it be what? It seems like you didn't finish asking the question. Your wisdom teeth can be painful and can definitely mimic TMJ pain.
What type of x ray? Sometimes you cannot see the wisdom teeth on a full mouth series, you need a panoramic x-ray in order to fully see them. I would verify with your dentist again to see if you do not have wisdom teeth, or if you just cannot see them. Tmj issues are unlikely to cause swelling or bumps in the gums.
Could be... Could be wisdom teeth. Routine cavity detection films not positioned to show wisdom tooth areas. Need x-rays of these specific areas. "bumps" could also be fro gum or bone problem. Please ask your dentist to examine and x-ray questionable areas.
See a dentist asap. Difficult to say without seeing the x-ray and an exam. I would seek an additional opinion to make sure.
Yes. NO. Hard swellings are likely the teeth underneath the gums. Wisdom teeth not not cause TMJ or sinus problems.