What types of dental problems can X-ray films help detect?

Many. Most commonly used to detect decay and bone loss Also helpful in detecting abscess formation, bony abnormalities, tumors, defects, additional or impacted teeth. Used to evaluate health of root canal treated tooth and condition of the bone to see if it has healed. We use special ones in assessing bone contours, nerve canals, and sinus locations for dental implant treatment. Good Luck.
Dental X-rays detect. Dental X-rays are a useful to help your dentist detecting damage and disease not visible during a regular dental exam. An important part of your dental examination is dental X-rays that can catch cavities, check the health of the roots and bone surrounding the tooth before they grow out of hand.
Early detection. Dental radiographs can detect infection in the bone, bone loss, tooth decay, tumors, fractures, anomalies, as well as identification for missing or unidentified persons.
Cavities. Finding cavities between the teeth when they are very small and can't be seen when looking in the mouth. It is much better to restore teeth when the cavities are small. Also x-rays can be used to see infections and other abnormalities around tooth roots.