What are the symptoms, signs of malocclusion?

Malocclusion. means the teeth are not aligned properly. Severe malocclusion is also known as: crowded teeth, misaligned teeth, crossbite, overbite, underbite, or anterior open bite. See an orthodontist for evaluation and treatment.
Lots. Crowding, spacing, deep bite, open bite, cross bite, rotations, protrusion, retrusion, high narrow palate, upper or lower jaw too far forward, upper or lower jaw too far back, underbite, buck teeth, excessive wear, fractures near the gum line, bone/gum loss, jaw joint (TMJ) dysfunction, speech alterations, breathing obstruction, and so many other signs & symptoms. Please see an orthodontist.
Bite off. Malocclusion is simply when the teeth do not fit in an anatomically correct position. This can be the result of numerous things. Consulting your dentist and orthodontist are the best first steps to correcting malocclusion.
Bad bite. Teeth that are not positioned as they should be. See an orthodontist to discuss further as it relates to your case. Most will provide a free consultation.