How can I help malocclusion?

Orthodontist. Your local orthodontist is the expert in dental occlusion. They will be able to develop a treatment plan to fit your expectations.
Invisalign. The best choice for a 40 year old patient with malocclusion would be invisalign, a series of nearly invisible trays that are worn for 22 hours per day.
Consult with Dr. Not all malocclusions need treatment, but many will benefit from it. There is little one can do at home to effect a more positive outcome. Quit bad habits: thumb or finger sucking etc, access continuing and preventive dental care. If your dds feels orthodontics would be of help, investigate with a specialist, it really is a wonderful specialty. Good luck!
Team-work. The team of you, your dentist, and an orthodontic specialist will work together to resolve your bad bite. See a qualified orthodontist (ask your dentist for referral) to get the (if you'll pardon the pun) "straight story." you'll be glad you did.