Can chest pain be a sign of pregnancy?

Sort of. I would think of it more that it can be a complication of pregnancy. We don't usually diagnose pregancy because you are having chest pain. That said, various conditions related to the pregnancy could cause chest pain. Pressure from below the diaphraghm can result in various types of chest pain. The breasts can enlarge and pull downward on the chest. Gi problems related to pregnancy can cause cp.

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Can pregnancy cause back and chest pain?

Yes. These are symptoms that could be potentially serious. You should discuss these with your physician. He/she will thoroughly evaluate you and let you know what's going on.

Is there chest pain associated with pregnancy?

It can be. Usually its musculoskeletal especially as the baby grows and causes a change in posture. Also for many reasons pts get acid reflux and can cause chest pain. Rarely pts can have aortic dissection and coronary dissections that can be fatal.
Not usually. Chest pain may or may not be associated with pregnancy. It may usually due to other causes such as musculoskeletal and acid reflux.
Can occur. There can be many causes but some are very concerning. Most commonly will be reflux from the organs being displaced up because of the uterus. More concerning causes include pulmonary embolus, aortic dissection, and cardiomyopathy. It is best to see a doctor to sort it out.

33weeks pregnancy. Severe chest pain but I take doppler3rd trimester scan. Everything is perfect. What is the solutions of relief pain? Medicins

Chest pain. Chest pain could be from relux disease, which is very common during pregnancy. First try changing your eating habits. Eat several small meals than large meals. After eating wait for atleast 3 hours before you lie down. Avoid sweets or spicy food. Keep head end of the bed elevated. You can try some antacids like zantac (ranitidine). If not relieved consult your physician to get prescription medications.

I'm very early in my pregnancy and im experiencing sharp cramping, some spotting, dizziness, nausea and chest pain. What does this mean?

Anything. Without knowing your history, it could mean anything or nothing! You have chest pain and bleeding. You must go to ED or see your Ob/Gyn ASAP.
Get seen now. Cramping and bleeding is not normal. Get checked now, it can be a sign of miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy. It may also be nothing, but you need to call your doc now or get seen today at an ER (not an UC), especially with dizziness! Don't wait, don't drive while dizzy and in pain.

I had to get a CT bc of chest pain which was anxiety. I'm afraid the radiation will effect any future pregnancies or at risk for cancer? Me or baby?

Ct.. Don't worry. The radiation exposure is low and your eggs should be pretty well protected. Millions of cts are done each year with a rash of lung cancers in those people. Eat healthy ad exercise. Don't smoke.
Not likely. One ct will not harm you or future baby. We are all exposed to radiation daily.