Why would my doctor prescribe total parenteral nutrition for me?

Cant use gut. When you are unable to use your gut to receive food, post op, inflammation, short bowel and many other causes, the food is given in the veins as total parenteral nutrition.People on chemotherapy, do not tolerate nutrition well in their gut and also benefit from parenteral nutrition. Ask your doctor what about your condition and transplant is the reason for parenteral nutrition.
Intestine failure. Tpn is the primary therapy for intestinal failure - a condition that exists when your intestine cannot provide enough nutrition and fluid to support life. You may be malnourished or dehydrated and require TPN for a short time. However, in certain situations, TPN can be required long term and may be permanent. In those instances, you may consider intestine transplantation.
Intestinal problem. Tpn is nutrition given via an iv. It is quite tricky, and only used in cases where the intestinal tract is very, very impaired.

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What must I ask my doctor about total parenteral nutrition?

Lots of issues. What's your underlying disease state/condition that requires that you get your nutrition from alternate means. Why won't peg tube feedings work? How many calories do you need? How much protein, fat, carbs, etc? Any other nutritional deficiencies? Do you need to lose, maintain or gain weight? Fluid status? Lots of issues to consider. Make sure a nutritionist is involved. Read more...