What's artery disease?

Artery Disease. Artery disease is the broad term for the disease of narrowing of the blood vessels caused by the buildup of plaque. Most applied to the blood vessels that supply the heart, hence the term coronary artery disease (cad). It is assumed if you have narrowing of the vessels within the heart, then you have artery disease throughout your body. Artery disease is a risk factor for heart attacks and stroke.
Atherosclerosis Key. The key issue: atherosclerosis, an accumulation of white blood cells in the walls of arteries, typically starts in childhood; primarily driven by lipoproteins (the proteins which transport fat in the water outside cells). As the disease progresses, the artery walls thicken; expand (not narrow) thus Ds remains asymptomatic for decades. Plaque rupture releases debris&trigger clots block blood flow.