Why would seniors often resist living in a nursing home?

Loss of independence. The elderly are not different than the rest of us. They want to retain their independence and sense of freedom as long as possible. Being in a nursing home often means that they will lose some of their freedom and it is a hard concept to accept.

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I'm a volunteer at a nursing home and I am now doing activities with seniors. I need some ideas for safe exercises in chairs?

Kee[p it simple. This is great thing to do.. Just keep it simple. Reaching one arm at a time , forward, then upward, then out to the side. Repeat on the other side. Rotate head toward left shoulder, pause, then return to midline.. And repeat to the other side. Now lean one ear towards the shoulder on the same side... Pause and return and repeat on the other side. Good luck. Read more...

Can a senior citizen in a nursing home can be found mentally incompetent by the staff doctor without family request?

Yes. This issue does not involve the family. This is a medical and legal issue. The doctor can determine the patient cannot make medical decisions due to a physical or mental condition even if temporary. The court determines mental competence but uses the doctor's evaluation in making that decision. Read more...