How can I transition from breast cancer patient to cancer survivor?

Survived. If you have survived the treatment and you are cancer free then you are a survivor. Congratulations! Www. Drlugo. Com.

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How long would it take until you are considered a breast cancer survivor.?

No Magic Number. Like most cancers, breast cancer has the potential to recur years or even decades after diagnosis. However, the chance of recurrence is dependent on the stage and type of cancer. Philosophically, I consider all my breast cancer patients as survivors as soon as their treatment is completed. This is obviously a lot harder than it sounds, but with each passing year the odds improve.
5 years. Risk of recurrence is highest in the first two years and declines. After 5 years and no sign of recurrence, you are considered cured of that cancer.

I'm a 2yr (TN) breast cancer survivor. Do the odds of having cancer again, same or different anywhere in the body increase as time goes on?

Congratulations. As a rule, the risk of recurrence of the cancer you had goes down with time. It varies a lot depending on the stage and receptor status and I'm afraid there's no magic number after which the risk is zero (I've seen it relapse more than 15 years after surgery). As to other cancers, the risk depends on the kind. Some cancers have shared risk factors, be it genetic or lifestyle, some others....
No. Risk of recurrence in TNBC is greatest in first 2-3 yr. You should consider genetic testing, which is indicated in TNBC in women 60 yrs old or younger at diagnosis. Genetic testing might suggest other cancers that you may be at risk for.

Hi I want to ask which food have to take in 6.5 uric acid, I am breast cancer survivor. Thanx?

Avoid purines. Look up low purine diet. Some seafood- lobster etc can precipitate gout as can some diuretic medications-hydrochlorthiazides.
See detail. A serum uric acid of 6.5 mg/dl is minimally elevated. Ignore it. Diet has virtually no benefit in lowering the uric acid level despite what other doctors may say.
Uric acid diet. Tart cherry juice is effective; avoid organ meats; fatty meats and alcohol will elevate uric acid. Avoid these. Also, drink at least 3 liters fluid per day - this may enhance uric acid excretion - and if you incline diet successfully to mostly whole grain, fruit, and veggies, and nuts, using white fish and egg white for protein, then uric acid levels will come down.

Immediately a breast cancer survivor. On the drug tamoxifen, I missed a day. Can I take 2 pills in one day?

No... No, if you missed it completely do not double up. In the future if you miss a dose and remember within 8 hours you can take the dose. A weekly pill case can be a great reminder for taking pills, there are also dose reminder apps available.

I'm 50 year old female 9 year breast cancer survivor. I'm cancer free. My Dr wants me on a good vitimen I bought alive it's b12 is 100 mcg.

No effect. Without a family history of breast cancer the chance is high that you are cured of your cancer. This has not been due to the influence of any vitamin. Cause is environmental with a high possibility due to MMTV with or without EBV. Incidence of breast cancer recurring is 1% per year for 15 yrs Yearly exam still important. Any multi vitamin will do but have no effect on your disease.

Mom is a breast cancer survivor, will that have any effect on her life expectancy?

It depends. It depends on the stage of your mom's cancer when she was diagnosed, and what treatments she had. Her life expectancy should not be affected if her cancer doesn't come back. The higher her stage at diagnosis, the more likely her cancer could return. Some treatments affect cholesterol levels and heart function, both of which can be treated.

I am a 2 time breast cancer survivor. Is it dangerous for me to use a tanning salon?

Yes. But not because of your breast cancer. It is not healthy to tan, period.
Spray It On. If you received radiation therapy as part of your rx, you definitely do not want to "re-radiate" this area. Regardless, any such exposure increases your risk of skin cancer--why take this unnecessary risk?
Why risk it? We get plenty of uv exposure from normal day to day activities regardless of where you live. So why exposé yourself to unnecessary radiation when cosmetically there are many topical products and spray options that achieve the same effect. Even if you had never had breast cancer people should b overly cautious about extra exposure. If you did receive radiation therapy for your cancer then avoid.

My sister (66) is a 9 year breast cancer survivor; took tamoxifin for 5 years, & now in 5th year of femora. Is this normal treatment?

Yes for ER+ cancer. Yes, for early stage er + breast cancer - the therapy would include surgical resection (mastectomy or lumpectomy followed by radiation) then followed by either chemo followed by or estrogen supression therapy - like tamoxifen, or aromatase inhibitor (ai). Tamoxifen can be started first then switch to ai (Femara (letrozole) etc), or can be started on ai in the very beginning - for postmenopausal women.