How can tight chest and back muscles affect arm movement?

Arm & trunk moves. Your arms don't stop at your shirt's shoulder seams. Big muscles connect your arm and trunk: pectorals in front, latissimus dorsi to the small of your back and trapezius to your mid-back. Rotator cuff muscles and deltoids cap your shoulders. Shoulder blade stabilizers and neck mobilizers also play a part. Joint restrictions, too. Tightness in any can bind your arm.

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Can anxiety attacks cause tight chest muscles/arms? And feel the after effects the next day?

Possibly. Panic attacks sxs: anxiety; rapid, pounding heart; chest tightness/pain; shortness of breath w hyperventilation; hot /cold flashes; butterflies in stomach, nausea or vomiting; tingling of mouth or extremities; ^ sweating; feeling faint or lightheaded; headache or shaking, difficulty swallowing or tight throat; They usually peak w/i 10 mins. There may be a sense that you aren't real or that the. Read more...