How is compartment syndrome diagnosed in kids?

Same as adults. History of injury, symptoms, clinical exam and intracompartment pressure measurements. This is the same for children and adults.
Compartment syndrome. The diagnosis is not that difficult. The patient, child or adult likewise, have severe pain with swelling of the affected area that is restricted to an area. Depending on the site affected , the extent of the redness ad swelling are noted. If the tension is not relieved asap it can cause the blood supply to the area compromised and it is a surgical emergency.

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What are the symptoms of chronic exertional compartment syndrome? Also what tests can be done to diagnose the syndrome?

Refer to answer. Pain or cramp after excessive exercise with lower extremity. Muscle are usually tight and some what tender. Test to do compartment measurement soon after exercise or can measure the muscle enzyme CPK in blood which is from muscle breakdown and also myoglobin in blood and urine. Read more...
Pain with exercise. Generally below the knee. Can be tested with a compartment monitor and a tread meal. Read more...