Is viral cardiomyopathy deadly?

Sometimes. Cardiomyopathy varies greatly in severity. If the heart muscle is extremely weakened, then the cardiomyopathy could be deadly. But in many cases, the cardiomyopathy is mild and should be well tolerated. So it really depends on how severe the problem is.
Viral. Viral cardiomyopathy can cause sudden death or more chronic progression to intractable heart failure. It is a serious disease.

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What are the causes of viral cardiomyopathy?

Almost any. Almost any virus can cause a virial cardiomyopathy but the most common are enteroviruses, coxsackievirus a and b, echovirus, influenza, polio, adenovirus, mumps rubella, and hiv.
You said it. Viral illness. Echo and coxsackie are viruses that are usually associated and tend to occur this time of year (in the spring).

Can a teenager have viral cardiomyopathy?

Yes. Yes, anyone can get a viral cardiomyopathy. Fortunately, most folks recover completely without any long lasting or permamanent effects. Some may recover with the aid of medications and interventions for the a short time period. A few may develop a permanent form of cardiomyopathy and require more intensive, lifelong therapies-but that percentage is very small.
Yes. A viral cardiomyopathy can strike at any age. Including the unborn fetus. It is uncommon in childhood, yet in 3 decades I have known of at least 2 in my area.

Can you get viral cardiomyopathy from semen?

Virus. If viral infection is contracted from semen, such as hiv, it is possible to develop cardiomyopathy. However, the typical viral cardiomyopathies are not sexually transmitted diseases.
Viral Illnesses. No. Not in any way. Your question is quite unique and seems to display such a misunderstanding that I am very curious why you would think this. Viral cardiomyopathy is not an std. It is not in any way related to having been sexual. I would imagine any scenario with this as the diagnosis would be very stressful and since I know nothing else about you would wish you well.

Is it possible for a teenager to have viral cardiomyopathy?

Yes. It is not always possible to determine the cause of new onset cardiomyopathy in a teenager, but many are due to viral infections.
Yes. A viral cardiomyopathy can strike at any age from during fetal development to old age. The causes & recovery are quite variable.

How does someone get viral cardiomyopathy?

A viral infection. We are exposed and infected with viruses often. Some viruses can impact the mussel of the heart and lead to weakening. This is a viral cardiomyopathy.
Many viruses can... Infect both the heart, your respiratory tract, or your GI system. Many patients who develop myocarditis from a virus have a fever or cold symptoms before their heart becomes involved, which they caught from a close contact. It is unpredictable who will develop myocarditis or cardiomyopathy from a virus, and fortunately this is rare.

What sort of virus causes viral cardiomyopathy?

A number. Can. During the winter months, influenza can do it. In the summer months, enteroviruses such as coxsackie can.