What's recovery time after breast reduction?

1-2 weeks. Breast reduction is generally a very well tolerated and satisfying procedure. Mild discomfort is typical only for the first few days. Initial recovery is 1-2 weeks. Most women are able to return to sedentary work within 2 weeks. Vigorous physical activity can resume by 4 weeks.
4-6 weeks. You sjould be able to do most of your daily routine works by 4 weeks. For heavy exercise and weight lifting, I would suggest 6 weeks. If your job involves just sitting on a chair in office setting with minimum physical activity, you may consider to go back to work after 3 weeks. But be guided by your operating surgeonwho knows more about your health.
A few weeks. Most of patients are pleasantly surprised that this is not a painful surgery, even for a large reduction. There may be a little swelling and bruising. Most patients feel pretty good after one week, but should take it easy in terms of lifting and physical activity for the first month.