How can a surgeon help someone decide whether or not to get cosmetic surgery?

Consultation. Make sure to see a specialist in aesthetic surgery and see them for a consultation. They can help you understand the process of cosmetic surgery, realistic expectations from the procedure, and expected recovery time. They would be glad to inform you whether you are a good candidate.
Details. A licensed, board certified surgeon with hospital privileges is where you should start. He/she can help you determine whether you are a candidate for a particular procedure and inform you about the risks, cost, time required for healing and expected outcome. You must decide whether you are comfortable with the surgeon, facility, anesthesia type, risks, cost, downtime and anticipated benefits.
THEIR EXPERTISE AND. Your expectations as far as whether what you want is reasonable and doable, as well as safe.
Cosmetic surgery. An experienced facial plastic surgeon can evaluate your face and tell you what your options are or if you need surgery.
Good Ethics. A well-trained/experienced plastic surgeon will be able to provide you with a lot of information during the consultation process. Determining your motivation and determining whether you are a good candidate for a specific procedure is part of this process. Also, discussing pros/cons as well as the potential risk/complications of any considered procedure is important.