What's the benefit of spinal cord stimulation for pain management?

Helps with. Chronic pain due to neuropathic pain whether due to radiculopathy due to post spine surgery or postlaminectomy syndrome, diabetic or other neuropathies, chronic regional pain syndrome are a few reasons. Newer diagnoses its being shown to help with are peripheral vascular disease, heart/cardiac abnormalities like angina.
Decreased pain meds. SCS is indicated for nerve related pain. Most commonly patients who have had multiple or unsuccessful back surgeries. Also persistent postoperative pain or pain from nerve injuries. It is not a first line Rx but increasingly used before chronic opioid therapy. It has been shown to decrease or eliminate the need for opioid or other pain medications with less side effects. Consult a Pain Doctor.
SCS benefit. Spinal cord stimulation (scs) is usually used for patient with chronic trunk and/or extremity pain not responding to conservative treatment. It helps to control the pain, improve quality of life and reduce pain killer dosage.
Spinal cord stim. Spinal cord stimulation can provide dramatic relief of certain types of pain that doesn't respond to more conservative treatment measures or continues to be a problem after surgery. You should see an interventional pain management physician for an evaluation.
Pain control. This is an excellent technology for many pain conditions. Ideally the pain should be neuropathic (aching, burning, lancinating) this can help with pain affecting the lower back as well as the extremities. It sometimes can help with rib and abdominal pain. Not very effective for head, neck and upper back pain. There are several companies that manufacture these devices.