What can end my lumbar spinal stenosis?

Only surgery. If truly indicated, surgery can open up the spinal canal fixing the stenosis. There is a chance, over time, that ongoing degenerative changes can lead to a recurrence.
Common problem. For patients that have failed appropriate conservative care, surgery can be very beneficial. A thorough work up is required. The most common surgical treatment is a laminectomy. The success rate is good. Check out spinehealth .Com.
Depends on symptoms. Some people with stenosis have no symptoms or back pain (no leg pain); in them the stenosis needs no treatment and the pain is treated with exercise, stretching, medication, etc. Mild leg symptoms may respond to those same treatments. Mild to moderate may do well with injections. More severe leg problems generally do well with surgical decompression.
Treatment. There are multiple treatment options available, don't hesitate to be seen.