What are the side effects of lutein supplements?

None known. Lutein supplements are given as an adjunct for the support of the health of the macula. This is largely theoretical but there is a large nih study underway currently to study this particular substance. Since the fda does not regulate health store supplements, if you feel lutein is of value, get them from a source from a major pharmaceutical company like alcon or bausch and lomb.

Related Questions

Is lutein supplements safe to take for dry eye syndrome? Any side effects?

No harm. Lutein is suggested to improve macular health. There is no evidence of its effectiveness in dry eyes although no harm is done by using it. Consider using flax seed oil as a useful supplement for dry eyes. Read more...

Will your eyes get worse if you take a lutein and zeaxanthin eye supplement? I have normal vision but trying to improve it. Are there any side effects

Lutein & zeaxanthin. Lutein & zeaxanthin are anti-oxidants that help protect the retina against aging/stress. They do not make your eye worse. The best way to get these in your body is with natural foods unless you have confluent drusen in your retina (see [email protected]). Read more...