Can a mango help with weight loss?

No. Only if you restrict your dietary caloric intake - with or without mangos - will you lose weight.

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Hi dr african mango pill good for weight loss?

To be honest. There is limited data in regards to this supplement. It's likely benefit appears to be related to it's high fiber content which can help in binding fats/cholesterol. But to be honest, you are better off obtaining fiber from natural unprocessed sources like leafy greens. If you do consider using this, try to use a USP certified source that ensure some element of quality. Good luck.

Please explain what experience have you had with african mango tablets particularly with weight loss?

The only. Weight loss will be in your wallet. Do you actually believe this could help you? Don't get your medical information from friends, tv or internet scams. Eat less and exercise more, it's the only way other than liposuction.
African mango tablet. I know nothing about these tablets but I would recommend you pay more attention to your food intake and exercise. Go on-line to NuVal and you will become well informed about foods that are good for you and those that are not. The reported range is 0-100 with the higher levels representing better food for you.
Weight loss facts. Central fat tissue produces hormones & alters metabolism:Leptin resistance reduces ability to feel full, & sustained ghrelin levels cause persistent hunger (& even of starvation).Losing weight under these conditions can be very difficult. However, no"magic pill"will do the work for you. It becomes easier as weight comes off, but changes in diet/exercise must be lifelong. Be sure no diabetes/thyroid prob.

Hi dr. African mango pill bettar or hydroxy cut pill for weight loss?

Neither. Both of these pills will at most give you a short term boost. If all of, the pills that claimed to help lose weight actually worked, why would so many people still be struggling. Spend your money instead on a nutritionist or joining a gym. Slow and steady healthy eating and exercise is all that works over time.