Will I still be able to nurse if I have had a breast reduction?

Maybe. Some reduction procedures leave more glandular tissue intact behind the nipple than others, so it will depend on the type of surgery and the individual. The possibility of successful breast feeding is definitely decreased by a reduction.
Maybe. It depends on the type of breast reduction that is performed as well as the amount of breast tissue removed. Most studies estimate that on average, supplementation will be required in about half of women who try to breastfeed after a reduction.
Maybe. I typically recommend that breast reduction candidates wait if they plan to have children or to breast feed in the near future. Studies show that around 30 percent of women that try to breast feed can sustain an infant on breast milk alone. Roughly the same as women who have had breast reductions.
Doubtful. You shouldn't plan to only breast feed your baby after you have a breast reduction. The amount of breast milk produced is highly variable and can be significantly decreased or completely eliminated depending on the method of reduction utilized.
Breast Reduction. You may or may not be able to breast feed. It is difficult to determine if the reduction was the reason you could or could not as many women who dont have reductions can't breast feed. If breast feeding is a priority for you then wait until you are finished having babies then have the reduction.
Maybe... Depending on the type of breast reduction procedure performed, some patients are able to breast-feed after this procedure. If patients are hoping to breast-feed after the breast reduction procedure they should make sure they communicate this goal with their plastic surgeon. Again, there are techniques that are more likely to preserve underlying glandular breast tissue. Best wishes.
Maybe. Breast surgery of any kind can have a negative effect on your ability to breast feed in the future. Breast reduction in particular, because it involves a lot of surgical manipulation of the breast tissue. Having said that, there are women who can breast feed subsequent to this surgery. Speak to your plastic surgeon, but there are no guarantees on this one.
Possible. Depending on the technique and amount of breast tissue removed, you may be able to breast feed after a breast reduciton.
Often, yes. In many cases, women can still breast feed after a breast reduction, unless the free-nipple graft method was used.
Maybe. It depends on type and extent of reduction done.
No. This could be a maby. Most surgeons will tell you not to plan on breast feeding if you go thru the procedure because ductwork& nerves are disrupted. This is more a problem when a periareolar incision is part of the procedure. It is possible a surgeon might be able to preserve some of the structures, but close monitoring of babies growth would be a must if you try.