I want to lose two inches around my waist n I eat 6 whole eggs each day. Is it okay? Also I wanna lose 8 kgs of weight.

Eggs are not bad. There is a misconception that eggs are bad because of the amount of cholesterol and fat they contain. However, recent studies have shown that eggs may not contribute to heart disease in adults. One large egg contains about 6 g of protein. Meanwhile, the average adult requires only 46-56 g of protein daily. Aim for this goal with a variety of protein rich foods and remember to exercise.
Eating 6 eggs daily. And noting else leaves you with an imbalanced diet. Ths provides fats (yolk) and protein (albumen - the whites), but you could make omlets and add vegetables, and salads with vinegar and small unflower or olive oil and it adds gastric decit. You need some carbohydrate as well. Diets alone do not work without exercie, which increases metabolism.