Would I get pregnant with progestron level 1.2?

Depends when? Sure it's possible, it depends when that level was drawn. If you check Progesterone (p4) level 1-2 days after ovulation, it will normally be around 1. The trick to understanding p4 levels is having a good idea when ovulation occurs, otherwise the levels mean little or even nothing.
Not sure what U mean. Progesterone levels are generally low (< 1-2 ng/ml) in the first half of the cycle (b4 ovulation), rise at ovulation (~2-3 ng/ml) and continue to rise in the 2nd half (up to 10 or even 20 ng/ml). Usually in pregnancy levels are ideally at least 15 ng/ml. So.. A level of 1.2 probably means your are somewhere in the 1st half of the cycle, or about to get your next bleed. Hope that answers it 4u.