My mother is diabetic and has high blood pressure. She was recently diagnosed with vertigo but now has shortness of breath, who should she see now?

Primary care doctor. Any person with diabetes and high blood pressure who gets shortness of breath needs to talk with her primary care doctor to get evaluated to make sure she is not having a heart attack. The primary care doctor can refer the her to the E.R., a cardiologist, or pulmonologist, if help is needed in figuring out why she has shortness of breath. If unable to contact her own doctor, she can go to the E.R.
Primary care MD. It is best to start with your primary care physician and let her/him evaluate the situation and discuss with the patient/guardian the next course of action.

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What can my mother take for high blood pressure & dizziness, she's 48 years old?

See a dr. There is no such answer for one individual that would fit everyone for your description. Your mom needs to be examined by a dr. And have some tests run to determine best course of action. Need to know allergies, history, duration, etc. Read more...

My boyfriend is 39 he has shortness of breath, vomiting, insomnia, high blood pressure, and anxity. He has had this for almost a week?

Shouldn't he.... Be seeing a doctor for all this? Sounds like they may be looking for what is wrong with the ct and mri, but that's not clear. His symptoms may be anxiety-related, but physical causes must be ruled out. High BP on consistent readings not usually anxiety-related. He needs a medical w/u, get treated for the BP (and any other diagnosed condition); then maybe seeing a therapist would be helpful. Read more...

I'm 49 yrs old and for the pass two days been feeling light headed, shortness of breath and hot flashes. I also have high blood pressure.

See your doctor. Having these types of symptoms can best be solved by having your doctor perform a thorough evaluation. Only through this type of process can he/she discover what's going on and how best to help you. Read more...