I get extremely angry some days, maybe 2 days a month, history of anxiety, could this be bipolar?

I'd say unlikely. Classic bipolar is 6-9 months depression & 3pm this mania. There r all sorts of variations including rapid cycling. Manic episodes often present as irritability. You should seek an evaluation with a psychiatrist & u might want a familyrmber or friend who knows u well to go along & give their observations.
Bipolar. Bipolar is a extremely complicated disorder that often times has an onset beginning in late adolescence. While someone struggling with bipolar disorder may have issues with anger, periods of extreme highs (excessive spending, hyper sexuality, etc.) and extreme lows (suicidal, depression, etc.) are more characteristic of bipolar disorder.
Bipolar. If you rule out effects of hormones (related to monthly cycles) & underlying anxiety or depression or possible substance use, and the episodes last 2 or more weeks at a time accompanied by pressured speech & flight of ideas & racing thoughts with excess energy & poor focusing, then it could be bipolar manic episodes. In your case, this is highly unlikely.