What are the treatment options for painful popping of the left knee joint mainly the acl?

Evaluation. There are many possible causes of painful popping of the knee (chondromalacia patella, meniscal tears, intra-articular loose bodies and instability of the joint secondary to ligamentous injury) and the appropriate treatment will be determined by the diagnosis. A visit to an orthopaedic surgeon should give you an answer.

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My mum has a painful left knee joint that radiates down her left leg. It has been occurring for 6 months. What could it be?

Painful left knee . Radiating pain from the joint line may be due to a tear in the meniscus with an associated parameniscal cyst. With increased swelling the surrounding sensory nerves may be affected. Additionally, a leaking cyst behind the knee (baker's or popliteal) can track down to the calf and cause radiating pain. Read more...