My boyfriend woke up with swollen lips this am. This happens in the spring and summer and has since he was younger. They swell so bad they ooze.?

Allergic reaction. He needs to go to an allergy clinic what the root cause is. They run every irritant through his skin to see what exactly what causes it. Then we eliminate the food or allergen.
Allergic reaction. Sounds like an allergic reaction, possibly a contact dermatitis. He should schedule an allergy test with his md. Be sure to tell the doctor if your boyfriend wears a nightguard or retainer that could have metal clasps that contain nickel, a common allergen, and anything else you can think of that could have come into contact with his lips prior to them swelling.
Swollen lips. This sounds like a specific form of allergy called "angioedema, " in which just one or two parts of your body developed acute localized swelling. Happening on the lips suggest it may be due to either food or medication that touched lips. An insect bite at night is another possibility. Happening in spring and summer suggest an allergy, but isolated lip swelling is very rare in common seasonal allerg.