What is neck pain that starts at level of right ear and goes on top of head to back of right eye?

See below. This is a very common pattern we see in persons who have problems with the uppermost part of the neck. It can be from arthritis in the neck, a pinched nerve in the neck or even chronic muscle tension although usually the deeper structures such as the bones, joints and ligaments often are the cause of the muscle tension. In some people with certain posture patterns, the muscles are responsible.
Occipital Neuralgia. Most likely occipital neuralgia but could be cluster headaches or temporal arteritis. History of onset and frequency of your headaches would help make the diagnosis. If this is a brand new set of symptoms, i would suggest that you see a doctor right away. Occipital neuralgia has a number of treatments. Cluster headaches are more difficult, temporal arteritis can cause blindness.

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Right side neck pain & feeling like something in right eye. Lasted 30 sec. Then ache @ base of head-neck w/ feeling of something in eye. Anxiety? Stroke?

Not stroke. The right neck pain could be caused by tension . At your age, i think stroke would be unlikely however, to alleviate your concern, consult your pcp to rule out other medical problems that could cause the symptoms. Read more...