I'm not a drinker but last night I drunk a bottle of smirnoff and woke up with bouts of diarrhea could alcohol give me diarrhea? I'm 22 and not a drinkr

Yes. Drinking an entire bottle when you are not a regular drinker is beyond dangerous - it is the kind of thing that kills people your age at fraternity and sorority hazings. Alcohol is toxic to the whole gastrointestinal tract and can inflame the stomach and intestines, as well as liver and pancreas resulting in diarrhea. Please don;t repeat your mistake - one day it might be your last one.
Hangover symptom. Diarrhea is common 'hang-over' symptom along with nausea, fatigue, body aches, irritable, fast heart rate. Alcohol irritates the lining of the 'gut' causing dysfunction. Hang-over headache is caused by dehydration and excessive stress on the liver. When the liver is under stress it becomes difficult for the organ to product glucose and brain cells need glucose to function. Hope your better soon.
Dangerous. No question you may have avoided death and not just diarrhea. Alcohol is an irritant to the intestinal system and has many effects on the neurological system and the cardiovascular system. Drinking alcohol to excess (binge drinking) at fraternity parties to prove your manliness is a fast road to the morgue.