3rd ivf, but consistently producing less than stellar egg quality. I end up extracting high quantity of eggs 15-21. What can improve egg quality, ?

3 cycles?? Most of my ivf patients are successful on their first cycle. Do you have pcos? Young and good responder? Are you seeing a board certified re? Check www. Pregnitude. Com to see something I researched and found to help eggs.
Tough problem. I suspect that you are actually referring to embryo quality because egg quality markers have a poor prediction of embryo quality. 15-21 eggs is usually the ideal number of eggs in young women. The ovarian stim protocol, the lab quality and the embryo transfer are all important. I have seen the embryo quality improve when these factors tweaked. Consider a second opinion?
Some things?? Depends on age and diagnosis certainly. Many high egg # producers suffer from some form of ovulation defect, either pcod or hypothalamic. Diminished ovarian reserve based on our research is caused by endometriosis. Laparoscopic treatment of endo could help. Low carb diet, eating frequently to avoid hypoglycemia and stopping aerobic exercise can be a huge help in ovulation; egg function.