I have very dry and cracked feet. Tried lotions and creams. Patches of skin are coming off making it painful to walk. Any suggestions?

Lotion often. This is very common. Callusing is a build up of dead skin. As the skin dries out, it shrinks. The tension on the skin, as it shrinks, causes the skin to split. This can split into live skin causing pain and at times, bleeding. Using a foot cream with urea can be quite helpful. The higher the urea content, the better. We use 40-50% urea in a cream. If not severe, use a good lotion daily. Dr l.
Callous remover. Be natural callous remover can be ordered on line thru amazon. This agent works in 3-5 minutes to help remove callous and heal cracked feet skin. Do not use this or any agent if your feet are bleeding, or are red and swollen as this can be signs of an infection. Seek an evaluation by your healthcare provider if this is the case.