How do you deal with anxiety?

See below. Are you anxious about every day stuff or particular events? Generally, it's good to know what makes you anxious. Practice relaxation, mediation, guided imagery (you can google it); keep a diary of the events when you happen to be anxious -- what happened (the event), thoughts you had; things you've done to decrease anxiety; how you body responded (where did it feel in your body).
Therapy first. I know that we live in a fast fix society and insurance companies do not like to pay for anything that they feel never ends. The reality is that in the long run therapy is more effective than medications and saved money for the insurance companies. Studies by the rand corporation and other independent research companies support these findings.
Medication. It used to be the case that patients try to treat without medication first, sometimes for years. More recently, it is recognized that medication used in conjunction can be helpful. Of course, some patients get dramatic relief from medication alone and decide to not invest in psychotherapy. Similar to depression, the more economical approach is to start with medication, but may not be best.

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How do you deal with anxiety?

Life. Hi, Thank you for your question. Some anxiety is part of life. Too much anxiety that disrupts your ability to do day to day activities is not part of life. You can learn to manage stress with yoga, meditation, improving your coping skills, talk to a therapist or take medications. Avoid street drugs. Do not self medicate. Hope that helps. Contact me if you have any other questions :-) Dr. M.
1-Lifestyle, 2-Meds. There are many different lifestyle changes that can improve anxiety. Dietary changes can include staying away from caffeine and other stimulants. Lifestyle changes that help overall anxiety and reoccurring bouts include exercising regularly and meditating daily. Medications that reduce anxiety can also help - consult with a psychiatrist or your primary care doctor to discuss risks and benefits.

How do you deal with social anxiety disorder?

Effective treatment. Social anxiety disorder (aka social phobia) is a common and treatable condition. Physicians may prescribe medications to help manage symptoms as needed -- especially when severe. The essential, long-term healing work is in psychotherapy, though. Cognitive behavioral therapy can be very useful. Find a psychologist or other psychotherapist trained in this work for the best results. Good luck!
Behavioral Options. See this page anxiety disorders assn of bc which contains educational & self-help tools (incl. A video) for managing & even overcoming social anxiety: http://www. Anxietybc. Com/resources/social. Php effective treatment for social anxiety will involve putting yourself in feared social situations, going from ones you fear only a little to others you fear a lot. A cbt expert coach can be big help!

How do you deal with undiagnosed anxiety/panic attacks?

See a psychiatrist. See a psychiatrist for comprehensive evaluation diagnosis and treatment. Many pharmacological and alternative medicine options are available. No need to suffer.
See a pro. I would strongly recommend getting a diagnosis and seeking professional help. Anxiety and panic attacks are no picnic and working with a professional will really help you learn strategies and techniques for anxiety management.