34 weeks pregnant menstrual like cramping not strong w back pain and pelvic pressure?

Preterm labor? It could be that you may be entering preterm labor. You should see your OB doctor immediately and see if you are dilating or not. Drink plenty of fluids and lie down and call your doctor. You should be examined.

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I'm having extremely severe menstrual cramps, pelvic pain and lower back pain 2nd day in a row. I can't stand straight. Go to er?

Here are some... Clinically, go to urgent care for pain relief if unbearable, but for real need - not for convenience alone, since period-related cramp is usually a long-term recurrent matter so the affected have a good idea on what should or could be done. If not, but new event, go to ER, that is, reasonable. How to Handle Sickness? Go to articles listed in http://formefirst.com/onDealSickness.html. Best wish.... Read more...

Whats causing me to have tearing cramps, lower back pain, itchy breasts, pelvic pain, could I be pregnant even im on implanon?

Pregnancy. Pregnancy definately if this is a possibility. Sometimes embryo can implant in inappropriate place outside the uterus which is a great concern. I would consult with your doctor after home pregnancy test. Read more...