I get recurring sore throats, frequent and lingering minor colds and large but not painful canker sores (no fevers). What can I do? Thanks!

Rest and Sleep well. Studies have shown that the 2 most common reasons for adults to get recurrent upper respiratory tract illnesses are: 1- improper sleep. 2- touching our face a lot! Stress can also be a definite culprit. There are other pathologies that could be the reason for your recurrent illnesses so a trip to your primary care provider is also warranted at this stage.
Immune system. You should have a complete medical exam with your medical doctor. The blood work may reveal if your immune system is weak or if you have some other ailment. If all is ok maybe rule out any oral causes such as allergy, mouth breathing, burning from oral rinse/ toothpastes, foods etc.

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I have 4 canker sores running a fever and a stuffy nose and sore throat but could not get into the doctor any advice?

Seasonal flu. Is very common viral infection. Usually the condition resolves on its own with home care. Drink water and get a good rest. NSAIDs (e.g. Aleve, Advil) or Tylenol (acetaminophen) are also recommended every 6 hours. If concerned, see your PCP for examination.
Sure. Warm salt water rinses (1 tsp/8oz) 4-5 times/day. Ibuprofen or alleve. Gargle with the salt water to help throat. Plenty of fluids. Plenty of rest. Possibly some afrin nasal spray for 2-3 days as needed. Then get to the Doctor. Good Luck.

Does having canker sores cause sore throats and fevers?

Canker sores. Canker sores do not cause sore throat or fever. If you have a sore throat and fever along with an outbreak of sores in your mouth or on your lips, they are probably cold sores, which is caused by the herpes labialis virus.

What to do about really bad sore throat with canker sores and fever?

Viral or bacterial. Upper respiratory tract infection with secondary fever blisters. You need antibiotics and use vitamin E or blistex on fever blisters.