What causes eczema flare ups if it's not a food allergy in a toddler?

Many possibilities. The primary triggers for eczema flare-ups are food exposures, changes in weather/temperature, using the wrong soaps and moisturizers, and environmental allergens (pets, dust mites).
Depends............. Eczema can flare up because of myriad stresses to the body----such as teething, an infection(usually viral), or even environmental exposures, such as pollen, trees, dust etc.

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Can OTC bee pollen for a toddler with eczema and food allergies hurt? Any help?

Probably not. There is no reason to believe that it will be helpful. The types of pollen in bee pollen could potentially cross react with some foods, but there are no studies showing that bee pollen will help with this. The only treatment for eczema that is due to food allergies is avoidance of the foods to which your toddler is allergic. Read more...
It could. It depends what your child is allergic to. I would not try anything even if it is otc without talking it over with your allergist or physician. Read more...