How long after a cardiac ablation can a blood clot be detected?

About 2 Months. We usually advise people remain on vigorous anticoag for 2 months. Most of the risk is in the first 1-2 weeks though.
Huh? Ablations don't generally cause blood clots. If your ablation was complicated by a blood clot, it's probably being treated with an anticoagulant and the duration would be variable and depend on location and size. It is common to prescribe an anticoagulant for 3-4 weeks after ablation to prevent a clot from forming from the change in heart rhythm. This is prophylactic.
Any time. There is no limit to the time after ablation when one can detect a clot. However the risk of clot formation relating to ablation can extend to one month.

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What type of blood test will they do before having my cardiac ablation?

Simple Stuff. Mostly, they're just looking for risks from the sedation and risks of bleeding. A complete blood count, basic metabolic panel and a coagulation test called an inr are usually about it. If you're a woman, of course, there will be the standard pregnancy test since xray is involved. Read more...