How do you treat central sleep apnea?

Depends. First the cause of the central sleep apnea should be treated. Very sophisticated machines called asv (adaptive servoventilation) can treat the central sleep apnea.
Central sleep apnea. In order to treat central sleep apnea you have to determine the underlying cause and try to correct it. Narcotics and other sedating meds can cause central apnea and it will go away with discontinuation of the medicine. Heart failure causes a form of central sleep apnea and can resolve with treatment of the heart failure. Some causes of central apnea are not treatable.
Depends on Cause. Central sleep apnea can be caused by heart failure or sedating properties of medications. That needs to be evaluated and addressed first. Other have no know cause, so they are treated with a special PAP machine called an ASV or adapto servo ventilator.
Diet + supplements. I have found that cental apnea is related to thiamine homeostasis, meaning that something is wrong with vcitamin b1 metabolism. I have treated a number of patients with largfe doses of thiamine and magnesium. See a nutritionist who is acquainted with vitamin supplements.