I'm addicted to masturbation. I can not stop. Now I feel so tired even when doing nothing. And I think I am having deep depression, is there any help?

Doctor can help! If excessive thinking of masturbation (or any other activity) and excessive masturbating (or any other activity) is interfering with a person's daily life, then that person can go see his primary care doctor, and then perhaps a psychiatrist. Excessive thoughts and actions are called obsessions and compulsions. Doctors have several medicines to treat such a problem.
Too Much Good Thing? You might want to take a look what the "go ask alice" online q&a service run by columbia u's school of public health: http://bit.Ly/17krv3h. "alice" suggests questions to ask yourself about your patterns of masturbation, your attitudes about it, etc. She points out that different people have very different masturbation habits. There is a wide range of experience.
Meds/psychotherapy. As was said before, medicine, plus finding a psychologist specializing in treating addictions will be helpful. Psychotherapy will help with identifying triggers and working through potentially stressful situations; teaching you self-care, stress management. Good luck!
We can help. I am going to assume that you're not describing a normal pattern -- almost all males your age enjoy their bodies daily, and can't stop for more than a few days in any case -- but that you are obsessed with erotica so that you're missing other good things you know you should be doing. Please get with your personal physician -- a bit of medication and/or therapy can usually fix this & make you happy.
Addicted? It depends what you mean by addiction? It is not uncommon for adolescents to masturbate several times per day after the onset of puberty. I wonder what are the negative effects, if any, of this behavior? Pathogical madturbation may often be a sign of prior abuse.
Agree. Also cognitive therapy helps identify & modify distressing thoughts/actions & impulsive behaviors, through corrective emotional experience technique. Consult a psychologist for more info.