What is an incomplete bundle branch block?

Not true "block" Two bundles of electrical tissue carry each heartbeat from the top part of the heart to the bottom--the "right" and "left" bundle branches. When one of these doesn't conduct at all, or does so much more slowly than the other, it is a complete bundle branch block. When one conducts slightly slower than the other, it is called "incomplete" bundle block. This often is of no clinical consequence.
Slow conduction. The electrical activity in the bottom chambers of the heart take a certain range number of milliseconds to conduct (<120ms, commonly <100ms). If longer than 120, it represents a slowing in the system, called a bundle branch block. If there is an appearance of some delay in the conduction, but doesnt meet criteria (>120ms) for a full bundle branch block, it is an incomplete bundle branch block..

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What is incomplete bundle branch block?

Mild conduction prob. The righty and left ventricles are induced to beat through electrochemical currents transmitted through the right and left bundle branches, respectively. Irbbb means part of the right bundle is not transmitting fully. It is a benign condition of no significant clinical consequence.

What is an incomplete right bundle branch block?

Slowing. It means there is a mild slowing of the electrical conduction in a certain part of your heart. In most cases it is an incidental finding and not worrisome.
BBB. The heart has a conduction system for its electrical impulses. There are three main branches, the right and the left anterior and left posterior branches. An incomplete right bundle branch block is a slowing in the right bundle conduction but not a loss of conduction in it. It has little clinical significance.

What does incomplete right bundle branch block indicate?

May be nothing. Incomplete right bundle branch block indicates a slight delay in the electrical conduction in the right bundle. It is often found on a routine ECG and almost always has no clinical consequences.

What is the prognosis for an incomplete bundle branch block?

BBB. There are two types: right and left (irbbb and ilbbb). The right sided variety is usually benign and has no negative prognosis. The left variety may or may not indicate underlying heart problems. Discuss with your doctor.
Depends. Incomplete bbb (right or left) refers to slightly increased duration of the electrical impulse that fires the lower heart chambers. Irbbb is very common in young adults and usually benign. Ilbbb is more concerning because it may progress to more serious abnormalities and is often associated with serious heart problems such as cardiomyopathy, CHF or cad.