What are treatments for incomplete right bundle branch block?

Placebo, 10 mg. Incomplete rbbb is, in the majority of patients, normal variant caused by simple delay of the right bundle conduction relative to the left bundle's conduction. It is benign (safe), and no specific treatment is recommended or required. Certain other conditions can cause a right bundle branch block, but the treatment is generally focused on those conditions, and not the bundle block.

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Would it be possible that a rbbb (right bundle branch block) cause a heart murmur?

No. But there are conditions that can both cause a heart murmur and a rbbb (for example, pulmonic stenosis or an atrial or ventricular septal defect).
No. A rbbb is a pattern seen in the ECG where the electrical impulse is delay or interrupted as it spread along the heart. Prevalence increase with age. At 80 y/o close to 10% people can have it. Somewhat benign but an evaluation need to be done to r/o heart and lung conditions. Conditions like copd, cad, myocarditis, valvular heart disease, and other structural heart conditions.

After my ecg results I've been told I've got a right bundle branch block (incomplete) Is this serious? Do I need treatment? Need to aware anyone?

How do you feel? This is quite common in folks who are otherwise healthy. When you get seen by a new caregiver, let them know. If you are otherwise we'll, I would not be concerned.

What is the treatment for a right bundle branch block? Is this serious?

Nothing. There is no treatment for this. It is caused by a delay in the electrical system of your heart. Usually it just happens, but it can be caused by a previous heart attack, so you should ask your doctor about that. If it just happened, no heart attack, don't worry too much. It won't really affect you very much.
None necessary. No treatment necessary and it is not serious unless other heart blocks or conditions are present.