Is there a cure for a left bundle branch block?

Cure? "cure" suggests that LBBB is a disease but it is not. It is associated with underlying structural heart disease and that is what should be addressed. Lbbb causes no symptoms and it requires no treatment.
Bundle branch block. A left bundle branch or LBBB is a slowing of conduction in the left bundle of the conduction system to the left ventricle. It may be a sign of underlying problems ie coronary artery disease or electrolyte abn. Or may be from congenital heart dz. There are many causes and your ans. Would depend on the cause. Sometimes its just a matter of close observation and treating risk factors.

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What occurs when someone has a left bundle branch block?

Nothing to severe. Left bundle branch block (lbbb) is a pattern on the ECG that indicates that the heart's electrical waves are following an unusual path. It is common in older age, and usually due to scarring of the pathway. It may cause no symptoms and need no therapy. It can lead to marked slowing that needs a pacemaker. A new LBBB can also be a sign of a heart attack.

I hear my heartbeat in my head. I just find out I have a left bundle branch block. Had a heart cat everything fine. Why do I hear this sometimes?

Rule out murmue. Some forms of heart murmurs could cause the symptoms you are describing and can be detected on an echocardiogram which you've likely had. This could also be a form of tinnitus that can be evaluated by an ENT. Hope it goes away.

How can left bundle branch block be treated?

Doesn't need to be. A left bundle branch block does not need to be treated unless it is associated with other conduction problems leading to advanced heart block and symptomatic bradycardia.
It isn't. Treated but factors contributing or causing may need to be...Talk to your physician.

What are causes of left bundle branch block?

Various causes. Left bundle branch block is a pattern seen on an EKG indicating an abnormal or different pathway of the electrical signal that causes the heart muscle to contract. It is most often due to an underlying medical condition such as hypertension, a heart attack, an enlarged heart from any cause and only when serious conditions are excluded is it felt due to the benign aging of the conduction pathway.
Many. The most common cause is hypertension. The next two most common causes are arteriosclerotic heart disease and cardiomyopathy. Valvular disease like aortic stenosis is an occasional cause. Heart surgery often results in lbbb. Deposition diseases like hemochromotosis and amyloidosis are rare causes.

Is left bundle branch block life shortening?

Possibly. As most people with LBBB have heart muscle abnormalities, yes. But about 15% of people with left bundle branch block have structurally normal hearts, so the answer is maybe or sometimes.