Is it okay to smoke weed with a right bundle branch block?

No. Among the bad things smoking marijuana does to the heart and lungs are the noticeable rise in heart rate and blood pressure, the increased demand for oxygen by the contracting heart muscle, followed by vasodilation (blood vessels relax and dilate) with a drop in blood pressure as smoking mj continues; the abnormal rhythms in the upper heart, and maybe abnormal ventricular (lower heart) rhythms.

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I have been told I have a right bundle branch block am I okay still to be working out and doing cardio. I have anxiety and exercise is how I cope????

HR . A Published study has good news for you: Yes, you can exercise. Do let your provider know your routine. Avoid getting your HR over 180 and consider shorter, less intensely rigorous routines - but if you don't overdo it - it's good for you. Avoid dizziness, exhaustion, out of breath causing choices and hydrate well. Good for you! Read more...

What is a right bundle branch block?

Abnormal conduction. The signal to beat is distributed to through the heart by a specialized electrical system. The right bundle is one of the branches of this system. If conduction through the right bundle is slowed or blocked the parts of the heart it serves will contract late, seen as widening of the electrocardiographic qrs-wave. Unless the remainder of the conduction system fails, it usually isn't a problem. Read more...