When should I switch breasts during a feeding?

When 1st side EMPTY. Until you're skilled at nursing, "finish the first side first." in a letdown, the foremilk is hi in lactose, the hindmilk hi in fat. Babies need both. Many babies who feed both sides get only the foremilk on each side, ie. Twice the lactose (=gassiness) and hardly any of the fat (=starving again 10-30min later). See article @ http://www. Llli. Org/llleaderweb/lv/lvsepoct95p69a.Html.
10-15 minutes. Most babies are satisfied with about 10-15 minute-per-breast feedings. Your baby may be more efficient than this (especially once she gets more experienced with breastfeeding and also gets a bit older). If so, some babies successfully feed for only 5-7 minutes per breast and seem perfectly okay. If your baby is urinating well and gaining weight well, you are doing just fine.
When you empty. Your baby will show you the time to switch. If your baby takes longer and longer breaks between sucking and swallowing, you may be emptying and its time to switch. If your baby completes a feed and is interested in the other breast, go ahead and continue the feed. If you are someone who can feel when your supply has emptied that is a cue as well. Start with the opposite fuller breast next feeding.