Best toothpaste if receding gums and enamel?

ADA Seal. There are many good toothpastes on the market (have ada seal). None are meant specifically for gum recession, but there are many that can help reduce the hot and cold, sweet and sour sensitivity associated with recession. Also extremely important not to use a very abrasive toothpaste or hard/medium toothbrush--use only a soft tooth brush.
A & H Dental Care. Arm & hammer makes the claim that their toothpaste is the least abrasive, which is important if the enamel has worn thin. If you're sensitive to temperature, use their product made for sensitive teeth. Make sure you use the softest toothbrush available and have the dental hygienist teach you the best technique for brushing away the plaque while preserving your teeth and gums.
Toothpaste. If you experience pain, dentist can recommend a toothpaste with a local anesthetic. To preserve the enamel, a toothpaste with higher concentration of Fluoride may be prescribed.