Do you need surgery only once if you get breast implants? What happens to them as you age?

Variable. Some women have a single breast augmentation surgery and things age reasonably naturally. A significant number of women are unhappy with the way their breasts sag over time, especially with the weight of implants. If this occurs, surgery would be required to reposition the breasts and implants higher on the chest wall, with or without removing or changing the implants.
Possibly. Breast implants may rupture. If they do, they need to be removed and replaced if desired by the patient. The patient may have additional breast surgery to change the breast implant size and/or to lift the breast as she ages.
No maintenance reqrd. No implants are not forever. Implants require maintenance and should not be ignored. The fda recommends that silicone implants be imaged with an MRI 3 years after surgery and every 2 years thereafter. Furthermore while the implants remain relatively stable your breasts do not and will age with time, pregnancy, weight change, etc. And surgery will likely be required if not inevitable.
More surgery. Breast implants are like all mechanical devices and they eventually fail (leak). Theoretically you should go you whole life with the same implants but the reality is that will probably have to be replaced at some time. There is, however, no set time frame. They only need to be replaced if they leak. (most come with a lifetime warranty these days).
Maintenance. Once a breast augmentation is conducted, it's best to expect another surgical procedure in the future. On the other hand, many patients never encounter issues and the implants last a lifetime. Massaging techniques can maintain soft capsules and prevent scar tissue formation while routine mammograms can detect issues for early treatment. Maintenance is key to long lasting results.
Yesrr. While it is certainly possible for an implant to last your lifetime without revision, most women will have surgery again to correct changes associated with aging. The mst comon reason for frequent revision is implant malposition. With dua plane/submuscular placement implants tend to go down and to the sides. This is why I use the 'cold-subfascial breast augmentation' exclusively. It offers lasting support like a bra inside the breast.

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Can you have surgery to get breast implants if you have wolff parkinson white?

Yes w clearance. Yes as long as it is stable and well controlled this is not an issue. You should inform both your cardiologist and anesthesiologist well ahead of scheduling surgery.
Yes. Any operation has risks. Communicate with your plastic surgeon and your cardiologist ahead of time. Ask your surgeon to help you set up a meeting with the anesthesiologist ahead of your surgery date so all concerns can be addressed and you won't get canceled on the day of surgery.
Yes, Depends on you. You would have to be cleared by your cardiologist. The anesthesiologist should also be in the loop. If your situation is well controlled and you are otherwise healthy, you should be ok. Make sure you see a board certified plastic surgeon who operates in an approved, certified operating room.
Probably. Many patients with cardiac arrhythmias are able to proceed with elective breast surgery. However, prior to surgery will be important to be evaluated by your cardiologist; he/she may have recommendations to improve perioperative safety. Careful selection of plastic surgeon, anesthesia provider, and location of surgery “facility” will also be important.
Cardiologist. Your cardiologist will be the one to give you the thumbs up or down on this one. Generally WPW does not cause problems with general anesthesia but you should definitely repeat an ekg and get your cardiologist's clearance.